Deck Lighting

Enjoying your deck after dark either meant sitting in darkness or turning on a blinding floodlight that ruined the ambiance. But with the increasing popularity of solar lighting, there’s now another alternative. There are dozens of excellent solar deck lights on the market, but we recommend the Solar Fence Post Lights because of their durability, brightness and stylish design that blends in with virtually any decor.

We arrived at this decision by comparing dozens of solar deck lights based on their durability, illumination, design, and lifespan. We also read hundreds of customer reviews to get a sense of how well these solar lights lived up to their marketing hype. In the end, these stood out from the rest. 

There are two aspects you need to focus on when deciding on the right solar light for your deck. First is the brightness of the light itself. This is usually given in lumens. String deck lights usually produce fewer lumens per bulb, but you have to multiply this by the number of lights in the strand to compare it to singular deck lights. You also need to consider the range the solar deck light can illuminate. The manufacturer may indicate how many feet it can cover or give the angle of illumination so you have a sense of how far the light will reach. If you have a large area to cover, you’ll need more lights than someone with a smaller deck. String deck lights can provide a great range, but when widely dispersed, they may not provide as much illumination per square foot as when they’re closer together.